What Type of Documents Need Technical Translation Services?

by Black Panther
What Type of Documents Need Technical Translation Services?

Technical Translation is the most important aspect if you are looking to expand your business across borders. Imagine having all the resources to reach out to a global audience, but not knowing where to start is challenging. How to pitch international clients in their local language is the cornerstone to making an impact. And yes, it can do wonders and effectively help you win new markets. 

This blog will identify the types of technical documents that should be translated to foresee growth and expansion.

User Guide

User guides explain how to set up, operate, and fix any problem with a given product. These manuals come with all types of products or services we purchase. In this digital world, every company is operating globally and delivering its products to the world in massive numbers.

 A customer may find it difficult to use a product or assemble it without reading instructions from the user manual. Technical translation services can bridge the gap by translating user guides attached to these products into other languages for better understanding. A professionally translated user guide can provide clear instructions and empower customers to unlock its full potential. Apart from translation, it’s important to understand the local regulations of your target market.


Standard operating procedures are documented measures to:

  • Train staff members
  • Educate employees about the workplace
  • Introduce new policies to ensure the successful execution

SOP follows international standards that must be localized to serve all employees. SOP translation is the most effective way to ensure that employees who speak different languages, like Spanish, Chinese, or Hindi, must follow the same standard procedures.

Professional translators who are capable of leveraging localization in addition to translation are suitable for SOP documents. Businesses can translate these documents while prioritizing the cultural norms of their employees. In fact, it may be really advantageous for the entire office.

Maintenance Handbook

Another important type of technical document is a maintenance handbook. It is a quick guide to learning about the maintenance of systems and equipment to ensure smooth operation. The maintenance handbook includes all the information from the best suitable environment for the system to the maintenance team’s responsibilities and the routine tasks that must be performed to operate it effectively. When translating a maintenance handbook, it is vital to prefer consistency in the use of key terms.

To address this concern, you and your technical and engineering translation service provider should collaborate to compile a glossary of all the unique technical terminology used in your industry and choose the best combination for each term. It will improve your customer retention and satisfaction.

Tender and Bid Documents

Tender and bid documents are the general conditions that all the parties carefully acknowledge and agree on before finalizing the deal. These documents also describe the schedule of the project, budget, and projected outcomes in accordance with the contract’s clauses. Considering the worth of these documents, a professional translator possessing expertise in this specific niche can handle all the hassle.  

Web pages

Websites and webpages are developed with the primary goal of attracting clients globally. Targeting a diverse customer base requires you to professionally translate and localize your website to serve them. Website translation motivates visitors and assists in building a sizable clientele. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, over 70% of buyers need information in their language before making a purchase decision.

Translation adds more value and gives your website a significant edge over competitors despite the fact that it belongs to a specific niche. Translation agencies having ample experience in translating and localizing web copies can deliver exceptional results. 

Legal Documents

Compared to other sorts of documents, legal documents pose some unusual challenges, because these documents must comply with prescribed formats and follow a specified approach.Legal translation services foster international business relationships by making it simple to communicate and read contracts, agreements, and other legal documents. Due to the high stakes, these documents require in-depth knowledge and skill.

Apart from accurate translation, these documents demand localization to fulfill all the legal parameters. Professional legal translation services can help you with a translated copy of your legal documents that adhere to your targeted cultural norms. Moreover, they are essential to ensure precise and correct interaction between parties from different countries with distinct legal systems. All you need is a qualified agency to format your documents correctly and make them acceptable. 

API Documentation

Application Program Interface (API) is basically a key that connects two software applications to interlink and communicate with each other using predefined rules and protocols. Companies creating these APIs publish formal documentation to give information about the syntax and functionality.

API documentation is technical support information that offers guidelines, case studies, and how-to manuals for effectively using and integrating with APIs. Additionally, they are in high demand and need a technical translator with relevant experience. Companies are able to promote their goods to clients around the world and make their APIs easily customizable by properly translating technical documentation.

Final Thoughts

Technical translation covers a wide range of documents; however, we managed to discuss some major technical documents that should be translated beforehand. Our discussion centered around the importance of translation for these documents to drive better results. With the advent of technology, the demand for technical translation is increasing rapidly. In a nutshell, technical translation demands significant field knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

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