The Evolution Of Running Shoes With The Advancement In Technology

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Running Shoes

Running shoes offer the wearer the right type of comfort and care, helping with a perfect landing every time you decide to run. Divided into regular sneakers and specially curated athletic shoes, these variants have undergone many evolutionary changes with technological advancement.

The first of its kind – running shoes dates back to the late 18th century, when running was considered part of the gruelling curriculum, organised on the playing fields of English schools (public). As years passed, individuals became more and more thoughtful about their running essentials, discovering and adding new technicalities to the shoes that helped them cover long distances through a run.

The Evolution Of Running Shoes Explained Over Historical Turn Of Events

Running is considered an essential sport by all, and its ever-increasing popularity has made brands work on shoes specially curated for professional runners. The extra sturdy, light on weight and thoroughly cushioned shoes, important for a run, have not always been the same. And influenced by the turn of several events, it shifted to be like this.

Date Event
1865 Earliest and the first of its kind, examples of running shoes with spikes are found in Northampton, England. The shoes looked as if someone had hammered nails in an Oxford.
1917 Using the process known as Vulcanization, manufacturers fused rubber and cloth. Inventing the first ever – plimsolls (light-soled canvas shoes for sports).
1920 Adi and Rudolf Dassler were brothers and started their sports shoe business in Herzogenaurach, specialising in field and track footwear.
1950 The famous football boot, the ATOM was launched which was a great success.
1952 The company went on to launch its SUPER ATOM variation.
Mid-2000s With changes in preferences and the evolution of techniques, runners were now looking for minimalist and barefoot shoes. These shoe types became popular among runners because they allowed the person to feel the ground while running, and their feet could move naturally.
2018 The world’s first smart running shoes were launched. The shoe allowed runners to compare the data of their past runs and set future goals. The shoe came with Bluetooth technology which could be connected to a particular RS- computer shoe app to access information.
2022 The year brought along the ULTRA football boots with a unique PEBA Speed Unit outsole allowing maximum take-off speed.

What Are The Benefits Of Running Shoes?

Based on the ever-changing requirements of professional runners, brands have come up with different running shoe variants. These offer the right type of comfort and the ultimate protection to your feet during every run. Below is a detailed list of the benefits of shoes appropriate for a run.

Improves Performance

Features like sustainable insole, rubber outsole, soft foam, and comfort sock liner running shoes help enhance the runner’s overall performance. You get to cover more speed in less time. Thus burning more calories.

Makes Everyone Feel Effortless

Brands focusing on the quality of shoes for running tend to keep their manufactured products lightweight and breathable. Also, you get a layer of extra cushioning on the base and rubbered outsoles to help with a firm grip on the running terrain.

Protects Your Feet

Running shoes are curated for the specific purpose of running. These shoes offer the right protection, preventing you from unnecessarily spraining your feet or tripping. Also, specific shoe types with specially curated designs protect from overpronation and under pronation.

Things To Consider When Buying Running Shoes

With so many varieties of shoes and your feet having adequate needs, there are certain things that you need to consider before investing in the right type of shoes for the run.

Consider The Surface Of Run

Different shoe types fit various running tracks. Decide based on the surface area you will be running. It makes a lot of difference whether you are running on the treadmill, on a plain road, or on gravel paths. Or it is some hilly terrain that you will be covering.

Select The Right Fitting

Your running shoes must fit you in the right way. Remember, your feet tend to swell after the entire day’s work. So buying a shoe after your whole day’s work is always better. Go for the ones that allow your fingers to move freely within the shoe.

Be Mindful Of the Support

Insoles provide great support when running, but you should also look for extra cushioning and support on the heels to help you with a better run. Contact the sales executive or browse through the website to gain an adequate understanding.


So as you can see, from the very first time to date, technology has played a huge role in the evolution of running shoes. Making it easy for professionals and amateurs to amp up their performances in the best way possible. You can buy running shoes online and offline, depending on the type you are looking for. But make sure to invest in the right pair that fulfils your priorities.

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