The Ultimate Guide to ATS Applicant Tracking Systems in the USA

by Black Panther
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The benefits of ATS applicant tracking systems are not unknown to wise recruiters and big business organizations. This is because all reputed companies and intelligent hiring managers rely on ATS software to streamline and automate their recruitment processes. As a result, the recruitment software market is flooded with many ATS programs from different service providers.

In your search for the best ATS, you will find numerous options for your business. However, not all software can satisfy your unique business needs. Hence, to simplify your search for the best ATS, we have curated a list of the best ATS applicant tracking systems in the US market today.

What are ATS Applicant Tracking Systems?

An online applicant tracking system is specialized software that can automate different administrative tasks involved in the hiring process. It is also called hiring software, recruitment software, and hiring systems. There are many hiring stages, and each hiring stage involves several tasks. These tasks include scheduling interviews, job advertising, candidate management, etc. An ATS can perform all these tasks and reduce the burden on hiring professionals.

Sometimes, recruiters and hiring managers have to face some complex hiring challenges. These challenges can be multiple repetitive tasks, failure to engage with the candidates, bad quality hires, etc. However, recruiters can trust the ATS software to tackle and overcome all these recruitment challenges. This is why more and more recruiters in the United States use this modern hiring software to streamline hiring.

What are the Benefits of ATS Applicant Tracking Systems?

Usually, the recruiting process is time-consuming and complex without automated software. This is because manually performing recruitment tasks takes too much time for HR. However, ATS applicant tracking systems are popular worldwide because of their capability to make recruitment fast and efficient. These systems reduce a great burden on the recruiter’s head and give them the time to focus on other priority tasks. 

Achieving great hiring productivity, efficiency, and accuracy is not possible if we do hiring tasks manually. But thanks to the AI-based software ATS for making it possible. These systems also help employers communicate with candidates throughout recruitment. In this way, both the employer and the candidates experience a seamless recruitment experience. Thus, it is good for businesses to use the ATS system to store and manage recruitment data. 

Therefore, ATS applicant tracking systems are the best recruitment marketing tool for small and large-scale businesses. These systems will serve as incredibly powerful tools that you can use during your job openings. Many recruiters do not know that ATS software also contributes to the growth and success of an organization. This makes the software a great asset for organizations that will continue to provide benefits even in the long run.

How do ATS Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

ATS applicant tracking systems by the best ATS providers offer many high-end features and functionalities. Recruiters use these features to stay ahead of competitors, standardize their hiring process, and ensure the best quality hires. From the beginning till the end, an ATS helps in almost all the hiring steps. But if you want to use this software effectively, you must know how it works.  

First, ATS integrates well with online job boards and job listing sites. Therefore, it automatically posts jobs on multiple job boards and social media platforms to attract a large pool of candidates to apply for jobs in the company. After that, resume screening and candidate assessment features of the ATS help hiring managers filter the most qualified candidates from the diverse pool. 

The employers constantly use communication and collaboration features to maintain a smooth flow of communication with the candidates. After a few candidates get shortlisted, recruiters use the interview scheduling feature of the ATS. This feature can schedule flexible interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Lastly, the recruiting team members use the insights, analytics, and reporting features to examine hiring results. 

Now, you must have realized the importance of ATS applicant tracking systems in each recruitment step. All these things are only possible because of the high-end features of ATS. Businesses can also customize these features based on their unique business needs.

List of Top 5 ATS Applicant Tracking Systems

You can only achieve the desired hiring results once you invest in the ATS applicant tracking systems offered by the best online ATS provider. Each ATS in the US market differs based on its features. Hence, before purchasing hiring software for your organization, you should compare popular options with each other. Also, you must take care of your hiring needs, recruitment patterns, and skill requirements. 

Here is our list of the best five talent acquisition software programs that will satisfy all your hiring needs:

  • Pitch N Hire
  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • BreezyHR
  • Recruitee


Ultimately, we can only say that ATS Applicant Tracking Systems USA is one of the best contributions of information and technology to the recruitment industry. These intelligent systems help organizations hire and retain the most qualified candidates from their diverse talent pool.

Do you still need help choosing the best ATS for your business? We recommend you choose ATS software by Pitch N Hire. This exceptional ATS software will serve all your recruitment needs and give you the best hiring results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the need for ATS applicant tracking systems?

ATS software offers many powerful features to recruiters that they can use as effective recruitment tools. Most importantly, an ATS eliminates all the manual work involved in the hiring process and only leaves room for a fast and efficient automated recruitment process. Also, using AI-based modern software will reduce the risk of wrong hiring decisions and bad-quality hires.

How do ATS systems Help in Candidate Screening?

Such software screens candidates based on resumes, as they can easily read files in different formats. ATS performs keyword research to search for keywords in the resume matching the company’s job description. In this way, only the candidates who use job-relevant keywords in their resumes get shortlisted for the final interview round.

How much do ATS applicant tracking systems cost?

Usually, the cost of ATS software depends on various factors, such as business size, hiring needs, recruitment budget, and industry type. However, you will find many cost-effective ATS on the market ranging from $50-$100 that you can easily customize based on your unique budgeting needs.

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