Best Ideas and Tips To Renovating a Large Bathroom

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Best Ideas and Tips To Renovate a Large Bathroom

We usually refer to bathroom renovations as opportunities to maximize space in small rooms, however, when we talk about renovating a large bathroom, the problems are different.

In these cases, the least important thing is space, we can install bulky bathtubs, all types of cabinets and storage spaces, etc., but we must take into account other issues such as usability and lighting.

When renovating, the available square meters are crucial. Regarding the idea of renovating a small bathroom, space prevails, and the main objective is to maximize it.

In the case of large bathrooms, the objectives are different. Of course, we are going to try to have as much space as possible, but the priorities are going to have more to do with light and how useful the room is.

How To Renovate a Large Bathroom?

Establish an area

Having a lot of space does not mean increasing the distance between toilets. We can establish an area of ​​facilities, leaving the rest of the space for other uses.

As we will see later, the use of the bathroom in general must be comfortable. To achieve this, we must ensure that facilities such as the sink and toilet are close, even if we have a lot of space.


In small bathrooms we use it to expand the feeling of space, in large bathrooms the lighting must also be total, to avoid dark areas.

Start by enhancing natural light, and in places where it does not reach clearly, install artificial light points.

Install necessary devices

If you have a large bathroom, you can install devices that make your daily life a little easier, for example, electric towel rails.

This holder keeps your towels warm so that they are ready whenever you need them, and it also allows you to have all your towels placed.

Separate spaces

There are many ways to distinguish different spaces of use, a classic resource in bathrooms is screens, but sometimes it is as simple as installing different materials on the floor, this way you will achieve an adequate visual division that differentiates the areas of the bathroom.

Shower or bathtub?

If you have enough space, you can install a designer shower for your daily cleaning, and also install a bathtub to enjoy those moments when you need a moment of relaxation.

Minimalist design

Never forget that less is more. Even if you have a lot of space, never overcrowd a bathroom. Bathrooms should be, above all, comfortable places; if you overload the space, you will be hindering its use.

Get large images

If you have space, get an XXL mirror. Not only are they useful, but they are also the perfect decorative motif.

As for furniture, we recommend that you choose useful storage systems that allow you to store and always have at hand everything you need in your bathroom.


When we have large places to renovate, sometimes we forget how important lighting is. A bathroom must combine the entry of natural light with the installation of lights, resulting in a completely illuminated room.

Furthermore, due to the regular use we make of the bathroom, it is important to have light in all corners. If natural light is not enough, today all kinds of solutions allow us to have adapted lighting.

From LED strips that are completely integrated with the architecture, to addressable lights, which can be directed towards spaces where natural light does not reach.

Regarding natural light, it is important to reinforce it, avoiding installations in its path.

Making the bathroom a more comfortable room

The other fundamental issue is the usability of the bathroom, that is, making its use comfortable.

Just as in the kitchen of a home, the bathroom is a space for daily use that should be comfortable. If we have a large bathroom, it will be easier to create spaces for more comfortable use.

Is it very expensive to redistribute the toilets in a bathroom?

The cost of making a new layout in a bathroom, for example, relocating the sink or toilet, is higher than the cost of other types of renovations, keep in mind that in addition to relocating the toilet, it will generally be necessary to relocate the installation, normally composed of pipes and other systems.

However, if you contact companies specialized in this type of work, you can always have a tight budget, which prevents you from having to pay an excessively high price for the renovation of your bathroom.

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