Top Universities and Colleges for Studying AI in the USA

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Top Universities and Colleges for Studying AI in the USA

With the ever-increasing demand for AI professionals, many students are veering toward this career path. In fact, they are making the right decision because it is time to master the artificial intelligence technology. AI jobs have been ranked first in the list of fastest-growing jobs by the WEF 2023 report. So In this article, we will know which top Universities and Colleges offer to Studying AI in the USA.

Not only that, all the companies are investing hugely in AI technology. With the introduction of AI tools like ChatGPT, and Scale AI, everyone has started realizing the potential this incredible technology holds. There are many new startup companies coming up with their own innovation and distinguished AI products and services.

Several research companies, including Markets and Markets, are expecting the AI market size to reach a whopping $1.8 trillion by 2030. It’s going to be such a huge market and therefore demand for full-fledged skilled AI professionals has already started soaring high. Therefore we highly recommend students learn AI skills with full-time courses or certifications and ace this career path.

Here let us see which are the best universities and institutes that offer graduate or post-graduate courses in Artificial Intelligence, what’s included in their courses, and the best AI certification programs to help you start your AI career.

Top Universities and Institutes providing full-time AI courses:

Below are the top universities and institutes in the United States that have started full-time courses in the field of artificial intelligence. While AI used to be one subject or a class once, the development in AI technology has forced these universities to bring up a separate graduate program to teach AI. The top universities offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in AI which are of 4 years and 12-18 months duration respectively.

Universities offering master’s courses in AI:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Program fee – $61, 420
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Program fee – $58, 794
  • Stanford University
    • Program fee – $62, 624
  • University of California, Berkeley
    • Program fee – $43, 918
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Program fee – $38, 744

Universities offering Bachelors courses in AI

  • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Program fee – $55, 000
  • Stanford University
    • Program fee – $57, 300
  • University of California, Berkeley
    • Program fee – $39, 792
  • Cornell University
    • Program fee – $54, 500
  • University of Washington
    • Program fee – $48, 998

These are some of the top undergraduate and postgraduate courses to start learning Artificial Intelligence in-depth and learn AI skills in hand. Now let us have a look at USAII’s AI certification program.

Artificial Intelligence Certification Program from USAII®

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is a popular institute providing artificial intelligence certification programs right from school-going kids to C-Level executives. Below described are the best certification programs to learn the basics of AI and start an AI career.

  1. Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect (CAIP™)

This certification program is designed for K-12 students studying in grades 9-10. This is an introductory course for students looking to learn about the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence. In this program, the students who are willing to explore the AI career path can learn the basics of machine learning, deep learning, robotics, etc.

Since technology keeps on changing now and then, this course will help students keep their foundation strong right from the beginning. Priced at $289, this certification program also offers eBooks and lecture videos to prepare for the certification exam.

  1. Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect – Advanced (™CAIPa)

As the name suggests, this is a more advanced level program than its predecessor. Designed for young minds studying in Grades 11-12 who are willing to follow a career in this technology path will immensely benefit from this AI certification course. It consists of 6 modules empowering students with the basic knowledge of AI, Python, Machine learning, functions, recursion, system analysis, etc.

The program fee is $389 and after completing this certification course, they will be well-equipped with AI skills and knowledge and then take up graduate courses to enhance their knowledge even further.

  1. Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™)

This is the beginner-level professional certificate program for graduate students and young professionals having 0-2 years of work experience who want to start or switch their careers to AI. With this course, they will become certified AI professionals and will be able to demonstrate their AI skills and expertise to their employers during the job hunt.

This program has been designed by the greatest minds in the field of AI and covers all the latest and relevant topics beneficial for all industries. The program fee is $691 and students will get access to a world-class resource center to prepare for this exam.

The USAII’s certification program offers a self-paced learning mode so that students can prepare for the exam without affecting their regular school or college courses. They can earn the certification any time between 4 and 25 weeks after the payment of program fees. Since the institute also offers flexible payment plans which can be paid in installments using Klarna, makes it even more attractive.


So, these were some of the top colleges, universities, and certification programs that will help students prepare for the future. They will learn the latest skills and technologies and will be industry-ready for all sorts of AI jobs. Are you planning to get into an AI career? Then head on and enroll in a program that best matches your career goal.

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