Protection Visa 866: Processing Time and Application Process

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People from other nations occasionally relocate to other states in search of safety. When people experience discrimination or torture in their native country, this occurs. Persecution may be motivated by racial, military, religious, or political factors. In this situation, asylum seekers frequently go to Australia. People requesting asylum can get a Visa 866 from the Department of Home Affairs.

The immigration experts are up to date on the procedures and changes affecting this visa stream, making it simpler for applicants to have a hassle-free process with a visa agent in Perth.

Protection Visa Subclass 866

If you are in Australia and fulfilling protection requirements, this visa option is best. The Protection Visa Australia is for people who did not enter Australia unlawfully by an uncertified air or sea voyage. It is a permanent visa option that allows candidates to live and work continuously in Australia and to receive Centrelink and Medicare payments.

Additionally, the applicant or qualifying family members must be in Australia while applying for the Protection Visa 866.

Eligibility Standards

You must satisfy the eligibility criteria to obtain a protection visa 866For which you must:

  • Be a refugee seeking protection in Australia.
  • Be subject to Australia’s protection requirements or share a household with someone who is.
  • Observe all visa conditions, including background, character, and health checks.
  • In Australia and have a genuine visa.
  • Not be prohibited from requesting an Australian permanent protection visa.
  • Not possess a Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785), a Temporary Safe Haven Visa (Subclass 449), a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790), or a Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visa (Subclass 786).
  • Satisfies Australia’s security regulations
  • Satisfy the character and fitness standards.
  • Include supporting documentation with your visa application, such as proof of identification, citizenship, or nationality. The Department of Home Affairs may ask for biometric data.

Protection Visa Subclass 866 Application Process

You can obtain a protection visa in one of the following methods:

  • Using online ImmiAccount for application.
  • Through a paper application.

1. Apply using online ImmiAccount for application

You must create an ImmiAccount to submit the necessary paperwork and complete the online visa application. As you continue, you can adhere to the directions by the internet service.

You must pay the 866 visa fees to process your application after you’ve turned in your supporting documentation and completed the visa application. If someone is helping you, you have the option to post a written statement via your ImmiAccount outlining who is helping you and why.

2. Apply through a manual paper application

In such a case, you must complete the 866 visa application form and submit it with your other supporting documentation. You can post the application to the address listed on your application form.

There are no in-person submissions, and mailing your application to a different address will prevent it from being accepted. You must still pay your visa fee online using an ImmiAccount.

When applying for a protection visa, you must include several required documents. Ensure you have included all documentation with your application because it speeds up the processing of protection visas. You must send all documents as certified copies to the Department of Home Affairs.

The documents consist of:

  • Any records or proofs demonstrating your right to protection
  • Your passport’s pages, as well as any other travel documents you used to enter Australia
  • Evidence supporting each relationship you list in your visa application, such as documents or other proof. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, bank records, and notarial certificates are a few examples of these records.

Protection Visa 866 Processing Time

You must wait for the Department of Home Affairs to respond if you have applied for a Protection Visa in Australia. 866 visa processing time is flexible because it differs depending on the application. After submitting the visa application, the average processing period for the Australia Protection visa subclass 866 is 90 days.

Visa applications may take longer to process if you don’t fully complete them. You must include all relevant supporting documentation with your subclass 866 application.

The Department of Home Affairs frequently gets in touch with applicants to get more details. Therefore, you must respond as soon as you can. By obtaining a visa, you may speed up the processing of your protection visa. The Department of Home Affairs strives to process complete visa applications.


People requesting refuge may apply for a Protection Visa subclass 866 from the Australian government. For those who don’t feel comfortable in their nation, it’s like a lifesaver. They can travel to Australia and apply for a protection visa when their visa is still valid.  It is a long-term visa. If the refugees meet the criteria for subclass 866, they may get Australian permanent residence.

Migration Agent Australia can provide ideal assistance from the start of the visa application procedure for Protection Visa 866 to the final acceptance. Therefore, contact an immigration consultant in Perth to help you with your visa application and ensure that you are qualified as soon as possible.

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