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QuickBooks error ps036
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QuickBooks is an essential tool for managing your business finances. However, sometimes users may experience issues with QB, such as error ps036. This error can prevent you from downloading payroll updates and can be frustrating. In this article, we will discuss the reasons, signs, and troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks error ps036.

Signs of QuickBooks error ps036:

  1. Error message “Payroll setup error ps036” appears on the screen: This error message appears on the screen when QB is unable to verify your payroll subscription. This could happen if the subscription has expired, or if the service key entered is incorrect.
  2. Unable to download payroll updates: If you’re experiencing QB error ps036, you might find that you’re unable to download the latest payroll updates. This could cause problems with running payroll accurately and on time.
  3. Payroll subscription expires even after it’s renewed: If you’ve recently renewed your payroll subscription and are still experiencing QB error ps036, it’s possible that the renewal process wasn’t successful. This can happen if there’s an issue with your payment method or if your subscription was cancelled for some reason.

In any case, it’s important to take action and resolve QB error ps036 as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions to your payroll processes.

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Reasons for QuickBooks error ps036:

  1. Invalid subscription data: QuickBooks verifies your payroll subscription data when you try to download payroll updates or pay your employees. If the subscription data is invalid or incorrect, you may encounter error ps036.
  2. Expired payroll subscription: If your payroll subscription has expired, you may encounter error ps036 when trying to use payroll-related features.
  3. Outdated QuickBooks software: If your QuickBooks software is outdated, it may not be able to communicate with the payroll servers and verify your subscription data.
  4. Corrupted company file: If your QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged, it can cause a variety of errors, including error ps036.
  5. Incorrect service key: If you’ve entered an incorrect service key during the payroll subscription setup process, QuickBooks may not be able to verify your subscription data.

Prior things to check before troubleshooting:

  1. Verify your subscription data: Ensure that your payroll subscription data, including your service key and payroll subscription status, is correct and up to date.
  2. Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that QuickBooks can access the internet without any issues.
  3. Update QuickBooks: Check if there are any available updates for QuickBooks and install them if necessary.
  4. Check for corrupted files: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor to scan and fix any issues with your company file.
  5. Verify your billing information: Check that your billing information is up to date and that there are no issues with your payment method.

Taking these steps before troubleshooting can help you identify and resolve any underlying issues that may be causing QuickBooks error ps036

Troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks error ps036:

Step 1: Verify your payroll subscription

  • Open QB and go to the “Employees” menu.
  • Select “My Payroll Service” and choose “Account/Billing Information.”
  • Verify that your payroll subscription is active and the billing information is correct.
  • If required, update the billing information and try downloading the payroll update again.

Step 2: Verify QB company file

  • Open QB and go to the “File” menu.
  • Select “Utilities” and choose “Verify Data.”
  • If the company file is damaged or corrupted, QB will prompt to rebuild the data.
  • After the rebuild is complete, try downloading the payroll update again.

Step 3: Update tax table version

  • Open QB and go to the “Employees” menu.
  • Select “Get Payroll Updates” and choose “Download Entire Update.”
  • If the tax table version is outdated, QB will download the latest version.
  • After the update is complete, try downloading the payroll update again.

Step 4: Check Internet connection

  • Verify that your internet connection is stable and strong.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus software or firewall and try downloading the payroll update again.

Note: If none of these steps work, contact QB Data Services’ toll-free helpline number +1-888-704-1357 for further support.


  1. Can I still process payroll with QB error ps036?

No, you cannot process payroll until you resolve QB error ps036.

  1. How can I prevent QB error ps036 from occurring in the future?

To prevent QB error ps036 from occurring in the future, ensure that you have an active payroll subscription, verify that you have the latest version of QB, and ensure that your billing information is correct.

  1. Will I lose my data if I rebuild the QB company file?

No, rebuilding the QB company file will not cause data loss. However, it is always recommended to create a backup of your company file before making any changes.


QB error ps036 can be caused due to various reasons such as an invalid payroll subscription, incorrect billing information, damaged QB company file, or outdated tax table version. Signs of this issue include the error message “Payroll setup error ps036” and inability to download payroll updates. Before troubleshooting, verify that you have an active payroll subscription, the latest version of QB, and the correct billing information. Troubleshooting steps include verifying your payroll subscription, verifying the QB company file, updating the tax table version, and checking your internet connection. If you are unable to resolve this issue, contact QB Data Services’ toll-free helpline number +1-888-704-1357

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